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Arc Flash Analysis

Protect Your Employees & Your Business

Why Choose Workplace Safety Solutions?

As part of our mission to prevent workplace injuries, Workplace Safety Solutions, Inc performs arc flash analyses (AKA arc flash engineering studies) of electrical infrastructures for General Industry facilities, everywhere. Call (802) 288-9441!

  • 15 Years ExperienceProviding arc flash engineering studies for nearly 15 years.
  • Fewer FeesWe charge fewer fees than our engineering firm competitors.
  • One-Stop ShopOne-stop shop for full compliance with OSHA and NFPA 70E.

About Arc Flash Analysis

The Arc Flash Engineering Study is an ongoing requirement as a workplace safety regulation, assessing incident energy levels at working distances to determine protective equipment levels and the flash protection boundary. Every few years or every time your facility experiences a change to its electrical system, you must perform an arc flash analysis.

It is best to partner with a long-time, experienced and qualified electrical data collector to perform your studies, as switching to a new contractor each time the study is conducted can waste time and money.

On-Site Safety Training

Workplace Safety Solutions' electrically qualified trainers will provide customized training that goes beyond the required information, and focuses on procedures that will help your employees be more safe and efficient in their work, like how to:

  1. Determine electrical hazards and assess risk levels
  2. Understand electrical shock and arc flash boundary
  3. Determine personal protective equipment needed to get the job done safely
  4. De-energize, Lockout tagout, and verify de-energized through proper testing
  5. Understand safe work practices that specifically pertains to the electrical work performed at your facility.

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