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For a Workplace Safety Course, One Size Does Not Fit All

By Lee Marchessault - Published on February 8, 2018 7:14 pm

Employees participating in a workplace safety course

Each company has a diverse set of circumstances with trained and qualified individuals to handle the work placed upon them. Along with that work comes unique hazards that
employees are exposed to. The truth is, not all people learn the same way. So, why do we put our employees through a generic safety course that attempts to cover the minimum OSHA requirements?

Employees, especially older adults, retain just a small percentage of they hear, and slightly more if they can see what is being taught. This fact suggests that online, generic, one-size-fits-all courses will be minimally effective even when the participant is fully engaged. The ability to retain information and learn is increased significantly if there are hands-on drills, group activities, teach back opportunities, etc. Unfortunately, even great teaching methods will not overcome generic course information that doesn’t cover the specific information needed for proper training.

Generic Safety Courses Fail Diverse Groups

For instance, let’s examine the topic of Electrical Training. If you have all electrical workers attend the same NFPA 70E class, there are at least some attendees who just won’t get it. Think of the diversity in the types of “Qualified Electrical Workers”. There are Production Maintenance Technicians working on control panels, Facility Electricians, Electrical Widget Assembly Workers only doing one test on the line, Lineman working on 12,470 volts, Generator Technicians, and R&D Electrical Engineers working with 40,000 volt DC systems. How could it possibly make sense to teach them all at the same level? This holds true for Fall Protection, Respiratory Protection and a host of other topics.

At Workplace Safety Solutions, we feel strongly that no two safety course should never be the same. We don’t offer any standard, boring, out-of-the-box safety course. No, in fact, every safety training program custom-built to fit the customer and their diverse roster of employees. What’s more, only experienced and qualified instructors who have “been there and done that” are considered for instructor positions at WSSI. They must understand the topic and be well-versed in effective teaching techniques for adult learners.

Safety Course by Workplace Safety Solutions, Inc.

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Written by: Lee Marchessault, CUSA, CUSP

Lee Marchessault has nearly 30 years of experience in the Electric Utility Industry. He is now a Safety Consultant and the President of Workplace Safety Solutions, Inc. where he continues to work with many utilities and general industry in and outside the United States.

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