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Shari Langlois


Shari Langlois, RN, CEAS II attended the University of Vermont where she earned her BS in Nursing as a second degree to her BS in Biology from Trinity College of Vermont.  Bringing 25 years of experience as an Occupational Health & Safety Specialist from both General Industry & the Construction Industry, Shari specializes in injury prevention & injury management program design with a systems approach that encompasses as much attention to OSHA compliance as to ensuring best possible outcomes for individuals with work-related injuries & illnesses.  This experience gathered from settings in manufacturing, healthcare, schools and construction couples exceedingly well with her specialty as a Registered Nurse in behavioral health. Shari enjoys a proven track record with her clients for decreasing injury rates and claims costs while improving organizational efficiencies and employee engagement through the development of comprehensive health & safety programs and the delivery of their associated training curricula.

Originally from Northern Vermont, Ms. Langlois currently lives in Saratoga Springs, NY and offers consulting services throughout New England, New York State and growing clientele throughout the United States.  In her free time, Shari enjoys hiking, biking and spending time with family and friends.

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